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Lifeselfmastery's podcast I Startups I Venture Capital

Dec 21, 2018

In this episode, Jeff talks about how they have created a platform which is Linkedin for freelancers and what is the best way for people to start their freelancing gigs.

Dec 13, 2018

In this episode, Navid talks about the framework to build your own virtual summit and how to build a summit on your own.

Dec 6, 2018

In this episode, Allison discusses how Hemster is revolutionalizing the industry and their growth plans.

Nov 29, 2018

In this episode, he discusses on why he believes Canada is the next big tech market and how he is helping tech workers to move to Canada.

Nov 23, 2018

In this episode, he talks about his journey to building a multi-million dollar company and why bootstrapping is better for founders.